Curriculum Vitae


Personal Information

        Name: Ebrahim Gobadi Fard

      Birth: 1362, harsin, Iran

      Sex: Mail

Scientific Degree: IRAN


        Address: Kermanshah , Emam Ali Hospital

سوابق تحصیلی :

      1389  : سال اخذ مدرک عمومی

 1395      :  سال اخذ تخصصی 

    1399   :سال اخذ فلوشیپ اینترونشنال کاردیولوژی- دانشگاه ایران

      استادیار:رتبه علمی  

Article for accept

        Outcome of Trans catheter PDA closure in adult congenital heart disease

        Outcome of stenting of shunt (glen,) in congenital adult heart disease

Published article

        Relationship between the presence Fragmented QRS and iron overload determined by MAGNETIC RESONANCE Imaging T2* in patients with    Beta thalassemia Malor

        Outcome of carotid stenting in Rajaei heart center

Published article in American journal

Outcome of patients with severe LV dysfunction and severe MS after PTMC